Synergex welcomes Sedona Pines back to RCC

Resort’s executives re-activate RCC subscription when operational costs rise after migration to alternate software solution. 

Gold River, CA – June 29th, 2011 – Sedona Pines has re-initiated their service and support agreement with the RCC Resort Management software, reverting back from a new software solution after less than a month of use.

Sedona Pines has used the RCC software for more than a decade, and most of the company’s divisions depend on the solution for their day-to-day operational needs. Sedona uses RCC for reservations, housekeeping and property management, and sales contracts. “The rock-solid reliability [of RCC] for our reservations/front desk system has been tremendously appreciated,” said Howard Clements, Director of IT for Sedona Pines.

The decision to re-activate the RCC system was reached when it became apparent that Sedona Pines would have to hire more people to handle the inefficiencies of the competing solution to which they’d recently migrated. Sedona Pines’ management had been promised operational savings and efficiency, but the inflexibility of the new system and the slowness of the interface caused many operational areas of the resort to founder. The front desk alone had quadrupled the time it took to check guests in and out.

Sedona Pines is now looking to the future of RCC under the direction of Synergex, and to take advantage of the new features the solution can provide even as it maintains its reliability, robust functionality, and customizations.

“There’s no cookie-cutter solution that can do everything that RCC does, and it’s been specially customized for our business needs,” said Clements. “It’s mission critical, and moving anywhere else would mean changing our whole business process.”