RCC upgrade gives Legacy Vacation Club members the freedom and flexibility to easily plan their own vacations

Synergex announces launch of web-enabled, real-time online reservation system backed by the RCC Resort Management software package

Legacy Vacation Club is a family-friendly vacation provider with destinations across the United States. Like many resorts and hotel chains in the destination vacation marketplace, they rely heavily on the RCC application for the day-to-day management of their properties. Yet the feature set of the software was primarily used internally, and there was very little transparency to the data most critical to owners, members and guests: unit availability, real-time reservations, and account statuses.

Legacy’s existing website pulled enormous quantities of information on a nightly basis from RCC data stores, and then cached it in back-end databases for use in the website’s “Owner Portal.” Unfortunately, not only did this require significant time and bandwidth to transmit data just in case an owner looked for it, it also presented information that was out-of-date almost the moment it arrived.  Though vacation owners could log in and see their points balance at the start of the day, unit availability was not real time, and could result in misinformation that significantly inconvenienced both customers and Legacy personnel.

Scott Zane, Legacy Vacation Club’s Director of IT, had worked closely with Synergex in the past, and became aware of advancements in the product since Synergex had taken ownership of RCC.  He reached out to the RCC Professional Services Group for help. Working together with Legacy’s development team, Synergex assisted in defining the technical requirements for the project, developing the interfaces, and deploying the finished product —all on budget and within a tight deadline of 90 days.

The new web site, Legacy Live, uses HTML5/jQuery to consume a series of web services built into the RCC solution.  These web services leverage back-end technologies provided by RCC, and Synergex’s xfServerPlus product, allowing the rapid development of extended functionality using existing modules from within the RCC application.

The end result is Legacy Live 1.0. Members and owners can now log in and view the up-to-the-minute status of their accounts and contracts. They are able to see real-time availability at any given Legacy resort, book reservations or confirm stays, and receive instant acknowledgement and confirmation numbers.

“Building on years of enhancements and customizations, RCC has evolved to become one of the most powerful resort management applications available today,” states Scott Zane, Legacy’s managing director of IT. “With the addition of Legacy Live, we now have a modern, highly competitive solution that can meet the needs and expectations of our members.”