RCC releases RCC 8 on Windows

New version streamlines PCI compliance, includes data normalization and UI enhancements.

RCC, providers of software solutions to the hospitality property management industry worldwide, announced today the release of RCC 8, available for the first time on Windows. The new version of the RCC Resort Management Solution includes improvements to data security and normalization, as well as significant enhancements to UI.

RCC is a comprehensive resort management package that includes a number of modules to streamline operations—everything from marketing and leads tracking to reservations and contracts. RCC 8, in addition to several enhancements to the handling of data and security, offers users the significant benefits that come with a Windows-based application. “When we first demonstrated RCC 8 to our users, they were all very excited with the new look and functionality,” states Scott Zane, Legacy Vacation Club’s Director of IT. “Plus, a Windows-based application is much more user-friendly, which increases satisfaction and dramatically reduces training time for new users.” Another Windows benefit experienced by Legacy is the ability to integrate Microsoft Office and other Windows products into the application.

RCC 8 also includes security enhancements, such as the ability to encrypt personal information and to mask sensitive data, and a number of data normalization improvements, such as inline editing of form fields, improved search capabilities, ability to have multiple windows open, and more.

Within the next few months, RCC 8 will include support for credit card processing through Shift4. The new Shift4 product will function with a Universal Transaction Gateway (UTG), keeping the credit card processing separate from the RCC application. Additionally all credit card numbers will be tokenized and many provisions have been written into the application to deal with the PCI requirements. This will include support for EMV (chip and pin) card processing. The EMV requirements start taking effect in October 2015, and failure to comply can shift fraudulent use liability from the card issuer to the retailer. (See & http:\\\download\merchants\visa-merchant-chip-acceptance-readiness-guide.pdf).

“The new and upcoming features in RCC 8 enable us to offer our members a solution that is current, user-friendly, and effective,” concludes Zane. “RCC is one of the most powerful resort management applications available today.”