RCC 8.5


RCC 8.5

Menu & Security

  • Added ribbon for easier access to find, help, settings, and contact support
  • Ability to┬álaunch a PDF of update notes from the app
  • Ability to launch training videos from the menu
  • Adjustable menu font size on a per user basis
  • Profile-based security to simplify new user setup
  • New Menu Maintenance program with graphical interface for menu management

Reservations & Resort Management

  • Single list for past and future stays
  • Ability to save Night Audit reports with custom names as text or PDF
  • New reservation manifest program for front desk
  • Improved purging options for reservations, tasks, and out-of-service records
  • Authorization transfers between folios
  • Ability to lock reservations
  • Check-in search results only show arrivals for +/- 30 days
  • Improved Daily Manager, Audit Trail, and Unit Stay Type History reports

Owner Receivables

  • Redesigned screen for easier viewing
  • Added sorting options
  • Ability to match balanced transactions

Other Areas

  • Mass emailing of simple text or html messages added to many areas
  • New contract field for recording legal entities (Trusts)
  • Updates and improvements to 1098 processing and IRS FIRE file generation
  • Improved security with bank account number obfuscation
  • Improved valid date awareness in many programs