QM reduces their PCI exposure using new credit card processing in RCC

Gold River, CA, April 1, 2016—QM Resorts, Northern Nevada’s top timeshare development company, has added Shift4 integration to their RCC resort management system. Their RCC system now responds to card swipes and communicates directly with Shift4 to process credit card transactions. Additionally, their system can now process EMV cards and take advantage of emerging payment technologies such as Apple Pay.

Shift4 is the largest independent payment gateway provider in North America. And Shift4’s support for EMV is vital in light of the recent requirement (enacted October 2015) for all merchants to implement EMV standards or potentially be liable for payment card fraud. EMV (an acronym for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) is a global payment standard that specifies that credit cards should be equipped with a microprocessor chip that creates a unique code for each transaction. Payment cards that comply with the EMV standards are often referred to as “chip-and-PIN” cards. Because a transaction code cannot be used more than once, stolen card data is rendered useless for fraud.

RCC version 8 integrates seamlessly with Shift4, enabling RCC users to comply with the EMV regulations and minimize liability in cases of credit card fraud. For PCI compliance, Shift4 integration also makes it possible for RCC to process credit cards without storing credit card numbers in the RCC system.

Joel Johnson, Technology Integration Manager at QM Resorts, says “We are using Shift4 to protect our customers’ sensitive payment data, to minimize our liability costs, and to provide an unmanned data capture system to our many locations that accept digital payments. The RCC integration with Shift4 is without a doubt the best solution for us.”

About RCC
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