Available Modules

Whether you just need to track your leads or manage your reservations, or you require a comprehensive resort management package, RCC offers a completely integrated solution to streamline operations. Pick and choose the modules you require, or use them all—RCC provides everything you need in the timeshare industry in one product.

Marketing and Leads Tracking

Capitalize on your marketing opportunities by using RCC’s exceptional Lead Tracking system to follow the effectiveness of your marketing programs, and set up prospects for proactive contact and follow-up. The system supports both inbound and outbound compaigns, and is integrated with the Reservations and Tour systems to book promotional stays.


RCC lets you manage all of the phases in scheduling and processing tours and presentations, including booking, check-in, check-out, assignment of multiple sales persons, attaching premiums, tracking OPC sources, and processing commissions.


The timeshare industry is complex and ever-changing, with the variations in ownership types constantly growing. RCC can handle the contract process for almost any ownership type in the market, including Odd/Even, Fractional, various types of Floating Inventory, Whole Ownership, Points, and Vacation Clubs. The back-end Contract Accountis strictly enforces proper ledgers of sales revenue and costs. RCC also supports complex document generation that is user configurable. Commission processing is extensive, and can track holdbacks and draws as well as individual salesperson commission sheets.


Packed with a vibrant central reservations system, RCC can manage an infinite number of properties and supports mixed usage types for each. Inventory can be allocated to various usages such as Owners, Exchange, Marketing, Rental, and Club, with allocations tightly integrated with the Contracts and Club systems. RCC also supports many types of Owner Rental Programs.


Track Club memberships and points allocations and balances, support multiple Membership types with their user-defined rules and usage windows, and streamline collection of transaction fees with RCC’s comprehensive Club module.


RCC provides everything you need to ensure financial success. The Receivables module allows tracking mortgages, maintenance fees, hotel direct bill and travel agent accounts. Owner Rentals financial management handles owner statements, check generation, and 1099’s. Notes Receivable supports calculating interest on loans, integration with lockbox batches, hypothecation of loans to multiple lenders, and strong multi-lender reporting, and many types of late charge and service fee algorithms are provided. The Collections module brings flexible and extensive delinquency reporting to help ensure collection of past due amounts.

Sales Analysis

RCC delivers powerful multi-level reporting on sales, tour statistics, gross and net volume, and pender activity. Every component of the sales process can be broken down and reported on, including Marketing Programs, Sources, Promotions, Operators, Operator Teams, Sales persons and their Managers, OPC’s, and multiple Developers and Marketing Companies.

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No man is an island, and neither is RCC! Connect and share data with virtually any type of hotel device, from PBX and key cards to Point of Sale and mini bars!

  • The RCC Resort Management Solution is completely customizable to meet your unique requirements, and it is available on a variety of platforms.