Legacy Vacation Club upgrades RCC application, offers users sophisticated UI, EMV technology, and more

Gold River, CA, November 6, 2015. Legacy Vacation Club is a family-friendly vacation provider with destinations across the United States. They rely on the RCC application for the day-to-day management of their properties, including reservations and contracts.

In 2013 Legacy upgraded to RCC version 8, primarily to take advantage of the Windows support in this version. For many years, they had successfully housed their Unix application on a Sun server, but felt the ever-increasing requirement to move to something more current. “It was becoming really difficult to find Sun experts who could help us troubleshoot issues if they came up,” states Scott Zane, Legacy Vacation Club’s Managing Director of Information Technology. “By moving to a Windows server, we opened ourselves up to all sorts of resources and support. Now, in a pinch, every person on my team could reinstall Windows Server OS and have a box up and running and begin installing version 8 within a couple of hours.”

In addition, Legacy benefited from all of the advanced design features available on the Windows platform, and as a result of the upgrade, was able to transition their cell-based green-screen application to one with a modern, attractive user interface. “The upgrade effort was minimal,” states Zane. “And we ended up with an application that looks as sophisticated as it really is. The impact on users is significant – not to mention how much easier it is to train new employees when the UI is so intuitive.” And, an additional benefit of being on a Windows system is the ability to integrate Microsoft/Windows products into the application.

The next step for Legacy was to upgrade to RCC’s latest version, 8.3. Version 8.3 includes a number of new features, including Shift4 certification so users can comply with EMV regulations and minimize liability in cases of credit card fraud. “Like most of our peers, it was critical for us to implement the EMV standards before the looming deadline to do so later this year,” states Zane. “Shift4 is the largest EMV provider in the US, and also offers a better rate for processing fees than its competitors. This is a big deal to us, since all of our credit card transactions are online.” Another 8.3 feature important to Legacy was the new pre-check-in module, which allows guests to check in before their rooms are ready and get notified real-time when they are available. “This is a really nice feature for guests, and truly enhances their experience with the property—which is our ultimate goal,” states Zane.

Next, Legacy plans to integrate their restaurant-generated and telephone call charges into the RCC system to further streamline the guest experience. “The fewer separate pieces our member sites – and guests – have to keep track of the better,” concludes Zane. “RCC allows us to keep everything in one place so there is minimal room for error and the guests’ experience is seamless.”

About RCC
RCC has been a mainstay in the resort and hospitality business for over 30 years. It is based on Synergy/DE, a full suite of software development tools that enables developers to create powerful cross-platform enterprise applications, such as RCC.