Legacy Vacation Club integrates RCC application with InRoom Connections, enhancing guests’ Wi-Fi experience

Legacy Vacation Club is a family-friendly vacation provider with destinations across the United States. Legacy relies on the RCC application for the day-to-day management of its properties, including reservations and contracts.

Legacy recently upgraded to RCC 8.3 primarily to enable a move to Microsoft Windows Server. “While the old version of RCC running in the Solaris environment was a rock solid platform, finding people who were well-versed in the core hardware and operating system was difficult,” states Scott Zane, Legacy’s managing director of information technology. “In the end, running RCC 8.3 and beyond on a Microsoft Windows Server platform makes basic IT sense.” Legacy was also eager to take advantage of other significant enhancements in 8.3, such as Shift4 certification, the new pre-check-in module, and the InRoom Connections integration.

InRoom Connections provides complete guest Internet solutions, including guest support, hardware installation and maintenance, proactive monitoring services, tiered guest access, and billing management. Over the years, Legacy has invested a significant amount of capital in upgrading its guest Wi-Fi, and as a result has one of the best guest Wi-Fi experiences in the industry. “It is paramount that each and every drop of bandwidth coming into the system be allocated to the guest experience,” explains Zane. “Implementing the new authentication program with Synergex and InRoom Connections permitted our guest network to be locked down for registered guests.” Previously Legacy had a simple passcode that was handed out at the front desk upon check-in. As a result, people not necessarily staying at the property were able to “camp” on the hotel’s network.  Legacy can now restrict, at a granular level, non-guest access to the network, while still permitting access to company-issued devices when needed. For example, if there is a company-issued device that needs to access Wi-Fi, IT determines whether it’s a legitimate request. Legacy then works with the InRoom Connections helpdesk to put that very specific device in a “pass-through” mode for whatever period of time is needed.

Zane describes the InRoom Connections implementation effort as “turnkey.” “InRoom Connections is staffed, from top to bottom, with a team of technology professionals. They took care of all the footwork and interacting with the resorts. Very minimal effort was required on the part of our internal IT team.” Zane concludes, “This is a great feature for properties that want a high level of customer service with minimal effort.”

About RCC
RCC has been at the core of the resort and hospitality business for over 30 years. It is based on Synergy/DE, a full suite of software development tools that enables developers to create powerful cross-platform enterprise applications.