Manage all of the transactions associated with a tour, including checking reservations in and out, attaching premiums, and tracking commissions.


The timeshare industry is complex and ever-changing, with the list of ownership types constantly growing. RCC can handle the contract process for almost any ownership type situation in the market, including Club.


RCC has a vibrant central reservations system that can manage infinite numbers of properties of all different ownership types, including Club.


Track memberships and membership points, enforce function rules, and streamline billing for transaction fees with our comprehensive Club module.

RCC Link

Connect and share data with virtually any type of hotel device, from PBX and key cards to Point of Sale and mini bars.


From calculating interest on loans/pay-off amounts to helping ensure collection of past due amounts, RCC provides all you need to ensure financial success.


Perform check-in/check-out operations for guests, maintain guest folios, manage & track housekeeping services, and run fully-automated night audit postings.

Sales Analysis

Control inventory, process contracts, generate invoices & post payments for money down, maintenance dues, routing escrow activities or calculating commissions.

Telemarketing and Leads Tracking

Capitalize on your marketing opportunities by using RCC’s exceptional tracking system to turn reservations into leads and leads into reservations.